NFL betting system

I will present you a very interesting and relatively simple system for betting on NFL matches in the next few lines. It requires a lot of patience in the beginning and carefully selecting the data, but in the end it can pay you rich off, especially if you are a patient and careful punter. The system relies on the exact margin by which one of the teams will beat the other. We all know that in this bet, the odds offered by betting houses are extremely high and this allows great gains, as long as it comes with accurate predictions.

How can we make these accurate betting predictions for NFL matches? In this system the basis odds are taken for both teams by different betting houses.NFL betting On an excel sheet we put the favourite’s coefficient on the first column and on the second the underdog’s one. When the offered odds are equal, we consider as a favourite the host in the match. In the next few columns we put the proposed winning margins.

When we are ready with the database it only remains to add a sufficient number of matches to fill the database. For every game we place the exact margin on the appropriate place in the database, corresponding to the odds of the favourite and the underdog. Then we are ready for betting. Personally, I’d begin to bet only when I have at least 100 results for a combination.

When we have 100 results in our database it is time for carefully reviewing the results and find the ones that offer a discrepancy between the actual odds offered by the betting house and those database offers. Bet only on those matches which promise profit.

Do a paper trial and see what happens. At least for me it was a very successful trial.

For having as most accurate system as possible I have set some limits. For example, even if you have more than 100 results of matches with the same odds on the favourite and the underdog offered by the bookmakers, sometimes there are one or two results that have extremely high odds – say 101. If this has happened, it distorts the results and causes bad losses. So, in order to bet, I look for cases that not only have 100 matches in my database, but also have at least five times wins with that margin. By doing this I guarantee that I will not become a victim of an accident and lose my money.

If you are interested in this NFL Betting system you can watch the video below